"Takin' Care of Business" is a song written by Randy Bachman and first recorded by Canadian rock group Bachman–Turner Overdrive (BTO) for their 1973 album Bachman–Turner Overdrive II.

In "The Boring Identity", Stan decides he has to play, sing and dance to his favorite song, "Takin' Care of Business" at Pizza Overlord to Francine's annoyance during dinner in front of everyone eating.

When he later loses his memory, Francine gives him a mental makeover to be the perfect husband, but when they hear "Takin' Care of Business" in the car, Stan starts to remember enjoying the song. Francine quickly shuts off the radio and claims that the reason it sounds familiar is that it brings back bad memories of his father being raped.

At her friend's wedding reception, Stan decides Francine is too crude and obnoxious for him and leaves her. Desperate to get him back, Francine takes the stage and sings "Takin' Care of Business" which returns Stan's memory back to normal, but he throws her over his shoulder for playing with his mind.

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