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"Sweet Home Chicago" is a blues standard first recorded by Robert Johnson in 1937, made notable for its inclusion in The Blues Brothers.

Stan sings "Sweet Home Chicago" in the Psychiatric Hospital talent show in "American Fung" after he knocks out patients dressed as The Blues Brothers in order to use their outfits in helping Francine escape. However, Francine is heavily medicated and is unable to respond to Stan's instructions that he places in the lyrics.


I'd like to thank everyone for coming out. Hope you're all ready to boogie tonight. Hope one of you in particular is ready to boogie like "now."

[After no response from Francine, Stan signals for the music]

This is dedicated to the late, great Magic Sam.

Come on, baby don't you want to go

Psst Francine, while I'm distracting them, you head for the exit.

Hidee hey [under he breath] exit!

Baby don't you want to go

What are you waiting for? Make for the exit Francine.

Back to the same old place [under he breath] Come on Francine, let's go!

Sweet home, Chicago