Susie is a frequent background character of indeterminate age, appearing as both a preschooler and at Pearl Bailey High School.

Susie is seen when Francine reads bible stories to children in "Roger Codger", calling Hayley a harlot and at the block party in "Homeland Insecurity".

She rides a bike in the park in the beginning of "Stan of Arabia: Part 1".

She can be seen at NGA Land in "Stannie Get Your Gun" as Stan helps her shoot A.C.L. Lou and at the Langley 4th of July Festival in "American Dream Factory".

Susie jumps on the bed with several other children at the Grand Hotel in "When a Stan Loves a Woman" as their guardian prepares to hang himself.

Stan and Brett Morris crush her model sailboat with several others while paddle boating in "Dope & Faith".

Susie walks into Pearl Bailey High School before the start of the model rocket contest in "Red October Sky" and is seen again in the high school in "Escape from Pearl Bailey".

She kisses the third-place finisher in the Beetman tournament in "Stan Time". She can also be seen at the Langley County Fair in "Every Which Way But Lose" and walking through the Langley Falls Shopping Mall in "Stan's Night Out". She sits at a table separate from Stan and Francine's vow renewal at Pizza Overlord in "Shallow Vows".

She attends Space Camp in "G-String Circus" and is seen at Hershy Park in "May the Best Stan Win".

Susie runs behind the ferris wheel when Jeff Fischer meets Reginald Koala in "Bully for Steve" and laughs at Stan after his "accident" in "An Incident at Owl Creek". She is also seen at the Nut N' Jerky store in "100 A.D.".

She appears in Stan's flashback at Johnson's in "Stan's Food Restaurant" and is seen playing the "Pop & Lock" game at the arcade in "Jenny Fromdabloc" and at Flash Flood Acres in "A Ward Show".

Susie attends Principal Lewis wedding in "The Worst Stan".

She becomes a potential student at the Early Bird Nursery School. Thanks to his bookie Earl who will bet on anything, Principal Lewis and several others bet on two preschoolers drawing with crayons in "The Wrestler". When Susie draws out of the lines, causing Lewis and several others to lose their wagers, they start cursing Susie who bursts into tears. Susie's horrified parents begin to doubt in the nursery school is the right one for them. She is also seen earlier in the episode at Pearl Bailey High School when the wresting team is being reformed.

She swims with the dolphins in "Killer Vacation" and appears at the carnival in "Why Can't We Be Friends?".

Susie is seen in "Familyland" and follows King Steve of Cartoon City at the Familyland Theme Park. She is also present when Robert Wuhl chases Stan and Hayley through the hotel in "Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour" and at the pool in "Seizures Suit Stanny".

She is outside of the Pancake House in "Daesong Heavy Industries", at the Atlantis Resort in "Bahama Mama", one of the townsfolk in "Julia Rogerts" and is on the subway when Stan fills in for Roger in "Persona Assistant".

Susie is also in kindergarten with Steve and Snot in "Mom Sauce", at Kiddie Wonderland in "Brave N00b World" and appears during "Everyone is Happy in Utopia" in "300".


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