• Francine says that both her previous pregnancies were a breeze, contradicting "Star Trek" where Francine had explained to Steve that she had to endure both a caesarian with Hayley's birth and a perineum scar while giving birth to Steve.
  • Terry and Greg act out the rumble scene from West Side Story.
  • Terry compares himself to Tim Allen, even doing his signature grunt.
  • The title of the book Stan and Francine read says Everybody Poops, a real toilet training book that is a running gag in Family Guy.
  • Stan says to have seen every episode of Star Trek, yet says he hates Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • This episode has a gag of Stan reading a book explaining about a simple expression. In this episode, he is reading a book called How to Furrow Your Brow followed by him furrowing his brow. Later in the episode, Stan uses the book How to Look Chastened followed by him looking very sad and chastened.
  • The DVD commentary reveals that the concept for this episode came from Executive Producer Kenny Schwartz's experience of him and his partner having a child via surrogate.

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