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Suicide Bridge is where Stan tries to escape from the CIA when pursued for holding his former family at gunpoint in "Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas".

When Stan wishes he had Principal Lewis' wild single lifestyle, an inopportune wish with a magic angel tree topper allows him to switch places, although he finds to his horror that Lewis has inherited his family. Stan discovers that not only did Lewis inherit his family, he has also become a CIA agent and Stan is now the school principal. Stan takes Lewis' gun from his own accustomed place and takes the family back to his home, holding them at gunpoint.

As the CIA arrive, Stan desperately tries to get the family to remember him. Francine feigns remembering to get them turned loose and they go free to the CIA, who then lob gas at Stan. He tries to flee, but is caught at Suicide Bridge when he decides to leap to his death rather than live without his family. Despite this, the CIA still opens fire on him, riddling him with bullets before walking away. As he lays near death on the ground, an angel appears to tell him that he finally has learned a lesson and offers to take him back to his real family.