Sub Hub is where Hayley works in "(You Gotta) Strike For Your Right" as a delivery driver.

"The Long March" introduces her co-workers Tommy, Dino, Micah & Chloe and provides the first look at the actual business.

When George, the assistant manager is found dead hanging from the ceiling fan in what Tommy refers to it as a 'suicide' and promotes Hayley due to her being hired on a Tuesday, despite Chloe being hired three years previously on a Wednesday. Hayley assigns Dino, the oldest of the employees to retrieve the body and notes that George's hands were tied, questioning the suicide claim.

Faced with a lifetime in a lousy job, she quits to go on the road with Jeff. But after escaping enslavement in Brazil, she returns to her old job.

Hayley and Dino have to spend a Friday night at Sub Hub in "Wild Women Do" slicing an entire year's worth of black olives.

When Stan needs support to help his former friend Tommy Schuler who works as Subs Galore in "Into the Woods", Roger's pitch to take Hayley in his place makes note of her job at Sub Hub.

Hayley invites Francine along on a cross-country trip as Sub Hub secret shoppers. Desperate to find some dirt in order to keep herself from being accused of slacking off, she tries a difficult order in Wichita, Kansas, which is handled perfectly. Trying another store in Cincinnati, they almost strike out until they spy an employee taking meat. At first, it appears he's feeding stray dogs, but when he strips down so that they can all lick him, Hayley and Francine move in for a bust. But when they turn him over to founder Sebastian Hub, it turns out that he was only looking for wild people and takes their 'perp' on his party submarine. Francine tries to look on the bright side that he left behind a small sub for them, but Hayley is annoyed that it doesn't have lettuce in its design.

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