• After almost 4 years, Dan Vebber returns to the show as co-executive producer starting this episode.
  • Klaus makes no appearance in this episode.
  • "Thank Heaven for Little Girls", performed by Maurice Chevalier from the film Gigi plays over the montage of the girls growing up.
  • The girls come down the stairs to "Get Ur Freak on" by Missy Elliot. It changes to "My Girl" by the Temptations.
  • George Clooney appears on the cover of a People magazine Stan reads while sitting with Honey.
  • Stan says that Honey's birthday, the 30th, is the same as Selena Gomez's. Selena Gomez's birthday is actually July 22nd.
  • Stan says that the dodo went extinct in 1662, and Francine mentioned that it was the same year French poet François le Métel de Boisrobert died.
  • Stan says George Burns played God, and that he was now dead. This is referring to the 1977 film Oh, God!.
  • A setting on the cloning machine is "Fly-Goldblum Hybrid", a homage to the 1986 film The Fly. A cloning attempt results in a Glitter-Daren hybrid.
  • Vince Chung asked Steve if he's ever touched a woman's breasts, and Steve replies that he was breastfed. He did touch Lindsay Coolidge's breast in "Big Trouble in Little Langley", but did not have the ability to actually feel them.
  • Steve and Snot ask Hayley for advice on getting hot prom dates despite Snot lying to Hayley about being gay in "The Missing Kink".

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