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  • Despite the title, there is no Stanny Slickers 1.
  • At the scene of the first collapsing in the Smith's house, Sergei Kruglov, Stan's enemy and neighbor, introduced in "Red October Sky" was seen, but did not speak at all.
  • Also, returning in the episode is the fireman from "Joint Custody".
  • Casey, one of the people in the house after the hole collapses is wearing a 'Ladybugs' badge, first seen in "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives".
  • The restraining order issued by Greg and Terry on Stan in "Surro-Gate" has apparently been voluntarily lifted, or may have expired by this episode.
  • During the Ollie North song, Ivan Drago from Rocky IV is seen fighting Uncle Sam.
  • Stan imagines a biographical film of his life starring B-movie actor Bruce Campbell. Campbell is notable for his masculinity, chin, & B-Movies such as Evil Dead 1, 2 & Army of Darkness.
  • The argument that Stan and Francine are having about the digging expedition brings up a possible earlier nod to "Finances With Wolves" when Stan says didn't he support her when she tried to open that small business referring to the muffin kiosk.
  • Terry's father Tank Bates is also referenced while Terry films Hayley.
  • After pulling Stan from the wreckage, one of the EMTs goes on a presumably vulgar rant to his partner about a sexual escapade he enjoyed the previous night. The setup of the scene, right down to the sound being muted and the storyteller pulling his leg over his head at one point in both, is virtually shot for shot what Glenn Quagmire does in a scene in "The Courtship of Stewie's Father".
  • The music video about Ollie North incorrectly shows him wearing the stars of a brigadier general with his Marine Corps uniform. North was a lieutenant colonel, which is a silver oak leaf, not a star.

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