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Tom: Hey, Stanny Boy! Frantastic! Get up here, the view is amazing!
Stan: Did you hear that? They gave us nicknames! The only nickname I ever got was in eighth grade. They called me Stan Frank because I was always hiding and writing in my diary.

Circus Member: You guys have been talking through the whole damn show.
Stan: [whispers to Francine] Watch this. [to Circus Member] I'm so sorry. Nut punch.
Circus Member: Block. Counter nut punch!
[The whole circus audience laughs]
Stan: [in pain] Always... funny.

Steve: Where you gotta be that's so damn important I don't get a forehead kiss?

Francine: I love news. I'm like the Cookie Monster with news.

Roger: Are we stupid, Steve? No, honestly, are we? I mean, I have a Master's in city planning from Howard University. I could tell you where your convention center should go, but I can't tell you when a fish is giving me the business.

[Stan and Francine are at a baseball match]
Francine: They're so cute, aren't they?
Woman: Which one's yours?
Francine: Number 12.
Woman: That's ours.
Francine: Number 21.
Woman: The black one?
Stan: My wife cheated. We cool?

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