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Stanny-Boy and Frantastic
Stan and Francine have trouble keeping up with a younger couple's lifestyle.

Season: 6 Episode: 10
Total Episode Count: 106
Prod. no.: 5AJN13
First Aired: January 23, 2011

Guest Starring: Sarah Chalke, Anthony Michael Hall
Featuring: Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Tom & Cami
Also Appearing: Klaus, Steve, Roger, Hayley, Pandora, Bad Larry, Earl, Melissa, Jeremy, Danny, Barb Hanson, Beth, Trudy Lawrence, Vince Chung, Amy, Bobby, Donnie Patterson, Dennis, Nathan, Duper, Katie, Beverly Billingsley
Director: Pam Cooke

Assistant Director: Valerie Fletcher
Writers: Laura McCreary
Storyboarders: Ralph Fernan, Eric Fredrickson

Roger's Disguise: Park Ranger from "Every Which Way But Lose"


Bored with their life, Stan and Francine try to spice things up by going to a circus with tickets taken from Hayley. Unable to find anyone to go with, Stan sells the tickets to a young active couple who appear to be Stan and Francine's ticket out of boredom. Invited out the next evening to a late dinner, the new friends, Tom and Cami take them for a younger couple. After admitting they don't want kids to slow them down, Tom and Cami invite Stan and Francine out to an after-hours club to despite Francine's reservations. Stan however, is determined to keep up with their new friends. Returning home completely wasted at three AM, they pass out and are hungover the next morning when they are called up to go rock climbing. Despite Francine's continued reservation about keeping up with the lifestyle, Stan is determined not to lose their new friends. Worse for wear and having rejected Steve while out with their friends, Stan and Francine hatch a plot to ruin Tom and Cami's birth control so they will be stuck taking care of a child of their own. When Tom and Cami find out they are indeed pregnant, they break up. When Tom takes the break up hard, Stan and Francine plot to get them back together. When Hayley conveniently gets tickets to another circus, Stan and Francine each invite Tom and Cami to force them together. They refuse to fall for the ruse and Stan and Francine are forced to admit that they are parents and it's the greatest thing to happen to them. However, Francine also admits to the sabotaging of their birth control. Tom and Cami get back together but the friendship is over to Stan and Francine's relief.


Meanwhile, Roger and Steve see an advertisement on television for a cotton-candy shooter and order one with a credit card stolen from Greg Corbin. Klaus is excited to be in on the action but is rudely dismissed by Roger and Steve. When the shooter turns out to be a dud, Klaus convinces them to stand up to the company and demand a refund. Despite finding out the hold wait time is two weeks, Klaus pushes them into waiting it out. When they finally get through, they are directed to Beverly Billingsley instead of billing. After waiting again, they finally get a live operator who simply tells them to return the shooter for a refund. Steve and Roger are overjoyed until they realize the refund will go straight back on to Greg's credit card and their labor nets them no personal gain. Klaus reveals that he egged them on in retaliation for insulting him.

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