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Steve: Can I see your boobs?
Angelina Jolie/God: Alright. But be warned: a single glance at the Rack of Infinite Wisdom could drive a man to madness.
Steve: Wow. Now I have to see them!

Roger: Oh, and what happens in Saudi Arabia, stays in Saudi Arabia, okay? Seriously.

Francine: [on the phone] Deputy Director Bullock, will you please offer Stan his job back?
Bullock: Francine, what a surprise. I already offered Stan his job back. He said, "No."
[Francine screams loudly and Klaus' fish bowl breaks]
Klaus: Your family may have moved to Saudi Arabia, but I'm the real fish out of water. [laughs] Seriously, I'm dying.

Steve: [while in the desert] Okay. I'm cool. Whatever life throws at me, I can take it, because I am a strong, independent, black woman... I mean, white teenager. Oh God, I'm gonna die out here!

Kazim: Normally, I wouldn't come to the aid of an American. Your country's foreign policy is despicable, your culture is crude, and your gluttony and greed make me sick.
Hayley: You are so hot.

Stan: Damn! Oh, God, we're all going to die and our lives meant nothing, absolutely nothing!...I mean, uh, something comforting.

Judge: While I'm sure that's a meaningful callback to an earlier conversation, I must point out that you're a man and you have broken no laws.
Stan: So, what does a guy have to do to get stoned around here?
Judge: We're not big on homosexuality.

Stan: Look, Mr. President! Teacher says whenever a bell rings, an oppressive autocracy gets freedom!

[Cell phone ringing]
Judge: That's me. Sorry. Hang on. Yello. Oh, hello, sir. What? But they're infidels. Fine. Great. [gets off the phone] Rock blocked. You're free to go.

Stan: What do you think happened?
[cut to palace, where it's revealed that Roger's husband made the call]
Husband: Okay, beast with two backs. Now...[drops his trousers]
Roger: Oh, that's what all the fuss is about? Oh, yeah, okay. No problem.

[When the family arrives back in the U.S.]
Hayley: Gee, Dad, less than 24 hours ago you hated America.
Stan: [laughs] Shut the hell up, Hayley.

Announcer: This Sunday, Sunday, Sunday - Stone Mayhem '05! Where the crowd gets loud and the infidels get rocked! Admission covers the entire seat, but you'll only need the edge!

Stan: It's over, Thundercat!
Thundercat: Whore!

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