Stan Smith as Keanu Reeves as Stanny Utah in Point Breakers
Stan goes undercover as a surfer.

Season: 11 Episode: 05
Total Episode Count: 195
Prod. no.: AAJN05
First Aired: February 22, 2016

Guest Starring: Laird Hamilton
Featuring: Stan Smith
Also Appearing: Steve, Hayley, Klaus, Roger, Francine, Jeff Fischer, Avery Bullock, Dick, Jackson, Hooper, McGee, Katie, Brenda, Herbie the Love Bug, Max Zegarra, Kai, Gornie, Sam & Taylor, Laird Hamilton
Director: Pam Cooke, Valerie Fletcher
Writers: Joe Chandler, Nic Wegener
Storyboarders: Brian Mainolfi, Valentino So

Roger's Disguise: Rapper from "Roger Passes the Bar"

Plot: As Stan relaxes on his day off, Roger wagers on whom will upset him first as Steve introduces his new drifter “friend” and Hayley thinks she's pregnant. In addition, Roger plans a World Cup soccer match in the backyard and Francine shoplifts. The news sends his blood pressure though the roof and he finds he must relax.

Max Zegarra

At work, Bullock provides news that a cyberterrorist has hit their computers, although Bullock believes that surfers are responsible to fund an "endless summer" after watching Point Break. Stan decides it is the perfect way to relax and gets Bullock to send him to crack the group. Stan finds himself in over his head with the locals until Kai, the local king of the surf, comes to his aid, explaining that as an outsider he will have difficulties being accepted and offers to help him. Later at the beach, Stan is given advice to let go of his worries and manages to put his stress behind him, becoming a surfer.


More relaxed, Stan dedicates himself to the surfer lifestyle, thinking only about waves. He is told of a wave that starts in Florida that can take him all the way to the center of the Atlantic and finds out that it is on the way, but he gets recalled by Bullock who admits that he only considered the surfers because he was high while watching the film, although Stan gets him to let him continue and then robs a bank to finance his adventure while convincing Bullock that the surfers are responsible. Bullock puts his foot down on Stan bringing them in as he takes off to surf in Florida. There, he discovers the CIA have followed them and he helps them escape. He reveals his cover and confesses that he framed the guys and presents his concerns that they could get captured. They take the news in a relaxed manner and sleep through the night. In the morning, Stan finds that he has been left behind so the guys could catch the wave as Stan finds himself in a predicament, although he is rescued by Herbie and taken to the launch point for the wave in time to find the CIA preparing to attack. He steps in the middle and tells what he has done. Bullock still launches the attack, but his rocket sets off the wave and the surfers get away.


A member of the World Cup selection committee arrives to evaluate Roger's facilities and finds only the Smith home, although Roger manages to win him over. He gets further approval for alcohol sales and the build of the stadium, although he is surprised when his news doesn't upset surfer Stan. During the build, his stadium collapses, killing many of the workers.

Back home, things are returning to normal as Roger tries to get the Boston Marathon after losing the World Cup bid, Jeff and Hayley's pregnancy scare was a false alarm but they decide they will keep trying. Stan kicks the drifter out, puts a stop to Roger's marathon and blasts Hayley and Jeff as not ready to have kids. Francine admonishes him for stressing out and he reveals that after going to a real doctor, he got enough pills to handle the stress. As he passes out, Laird Hamilton provides a public service announcement on the abuse of prescription medication in the episode, although he notes that it is pretty funny.

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