Stan Moves to Chicago/Notes

  • Francine was previously a comic in "White Rice".
  • This is Nic Wegener's first solo writing credit.
  • Francine says "Mount Everlast" and "Killimandingo" instead of Everest and Kilimanjaro.
  • Stan's old professor was a fan of political satirist and pianist Mark Russell.[1]
  • The car that Chicago Dave drove in college is modeled after the Pontiac Fiero GT.[2]
  • This is the first episode to show Stan at college; he attended the School of Government of an unnamed college.
  • Stan is granted 'regret leave' despite the fact that the Chinese have had the upper hand in the spy game.
  • Stan's 'guy who talks with a crazy voice' is a nasally imitation of Peter Griffin.
  • Stan compares Klaus' friends to Toomgis.[3]
  • Hayley, Steve and Roger watch The Beguiled, a 2017 Civil War period piece.

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