• The ultra-sensitive audio-surveillance dish Stan uses to pick up what Jeff and Hayley are saying in Jeff's van is the same machine Stan uses to listen to what his neighbors are saying in "I Can't Stan You".
  • Roger asks the question to Hayley about her dye job on her hair, "does the carpet match the curtains" wondering if she also dyed her pubic hair the same color.
  • In this episode, the misinterpretation is applied when Francine soothes Stan stress by asking if she can make him happy with her mouth implying oral sex when in actuality it meant blowing on his stomach. This also shows that Stan is ticklish.
  • This episode points to the fact that Stan brain washed and programmed both his children when they were five years old. The code word for Steve is "rhubarb" and the code word for Hayley is "I'm getting fed up with this orgasm." made apparent in "Haylias".
  • This is the first episode in which Roger wears a costume, that of Steve's "sister." He wouldn't adapt a full-fledged persona until experimenting with Francine as "Dr. Jordan Edelstein" in "Camp Refoogee".

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