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[Stan hears the hum of an AC unit over Trish talking]
Stan: Is yours the hum of an AC unit?
Bullock: Mine's whales.

[Bullock tries to warn Stan not to take the pill but is too late]
Stan: Oh my God sir, either I've gone crazy or I've turned into a woman!
Bullock: What's the difference?
[Both start to laugh until Stan realizes the joke is on him]
Stan: Hey, screw you!

[Unaware that Stan has just turned into a woman]
Francine: Stan...get out here and ravage me.

[Roger delivers the news to Klaus that Stan won't need his suits anymore]
Klaus: [Excited] Is he dead? Is he finally dead?! Can I go free?!
Roger No, he's a woman now.
Klaus [Disappointed] Oh. [Perks up] A woman fish?


[After their attempt at lesbianism fails, Stan decides to let the kids know]
Stan: [Loudly from the bedroom] Kids, we are not lesbians. We tried but it was a no-go.
Steve: [Sobbing from his bedroom] Please stop involving me in this. I am a child.

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