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Stan's Top Ten Dog List

Stan recites his list of Top Ten Favorite Fictitious Dogs to Roger, while Roger is boarding the bus to jail in "The People vs. Martin Sugar", after quoting his No. 4 favorite fictitious dog, McGruff the Crime Dog. McGruff was not shown in the original broadcast but has been superimposed here for illustration purposes.

The list is as follows:

  1. Brian Griffin from Family Guy
  2. Lassie from Lassie
  3. Old Yeller from Old Yeller
  4. McGruff the Crime Dog from the National Crime Prevention Council
  5. Hooch from Turner and Hooch
  6. Spuds MacKenzie from Bud Light Advertising Campaigns
  7. Eddie Crane from Frasier
  8. Spike from Peanuts
  9. Air Bud from Air Bud
  10. Benji from Benji

After counting down to his No. 1 favorite fictitious dog, Brian Griffin, the camera reveals Brian standing next to Stan holding his signature drink, a martini. Stan smiles at Brian, but it is clear Brian doesn't recognize him, and Brian goes on to ask Stan if he knows him, to which Stan demands that Brian quit pretending he doesn't exist.