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  • The 100th broadcast episode of American Dad!, an accolade currently bestowed on "100 A.D." for production order.
  • Hayley is absent from this episode.
  • Klaus appears only as one of the animals in Roger's petting zoo.
  • When Roger bites the plate, he bleeds red, even though you see him bleeding purple in "One Little Word" and "Fartbreak Hotel".
  • Stan's belief that it was his fault for being molested by Father Roy is a common belief among rape victims, often believing they in some way instigated the attack.[1]
  • As of this episode, each of Seth MacFarlane's main characters have owned a restaurant of some sort. Peter Griffin owned Big Pete's House of Munch, Cleveland Brown owned a deli while still living in Quahog, and Stan Smith owned Stan's Food Restaurant.

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