• "Tom Cross" from the video in "Rapture's Delight" appears in the bible math computer program. The name is only given in the episode script.[1]
  • At the beginning of the episode during the memorial service for the bus crash, Father Donovan mentions Bobby Bullet and Brett, who did not actually die in the crash. Bobby Bullet was shot from the bus and crashed into Brett, killing them both before they were dragged into Hell.
  • The song that played during Roger's skateboard scene was "Electric Feel" from MGMT.
  • John Farnham's "Thunder In Your Heart" song from Rad was used during the BMX races.
  • The song played during the 'Steve vs. Steve-arino montage was "He's Frank (Slight Return)" by The BPA, featuring Iggy Pop. This song is a cover of an older version that was first written/sung by The Monochrome Set.
  • Stan forbids Steve-arino to eat a Gardenburger.
  • One of the members in the chat room on was PGriffing.
  • The cat at the end of the episode closely resembles Simon, a stray cat Steve found in "Choosy Wives Choose Smith" which hated Steve.

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