Sky Crooner is the herald of The Langley Falls Bazooka Sharks arena football games.

As Stan notes in "Bazooka Steve" that legend has it that the bungee cords that support him are really to keep him from flying to Heaven, they also drag him through pillars of fire, setting him alight. In a later game, he sings that after his wife caught him cheating, he now lives in the jumbotron.

Sky Crooner tips Stan off as to the location of a bomb in the rafters of the Shark's Nest in "The Long Bomb", but bails when he is asked to cover Stan's back against the thieves that placed it there, noting that he is against the taking of lives. He returns to save the day when Stan and Hayley need to be lowered from the roof of the arena to yet another bomb on the field.

He is caught in traffic along with Stan and Roger in "Railroaded".

He performs at the Wagner Wright Thunderdome in "Businessly Brunette" and appears during "Everyone is Happy in Utopia" in "300".

Sky Crooner is voiced by Tommy Blacha.

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