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Hayley: When did I eat vomit?

Stan: Oh my God! You don't make food, you sleep all day, you barely form complete sentences...
Hayley: What are you talkin' me at?

[Stan and Hayley are drinking on the edge of a building top watching a sunset]
Stan: [drunk] You know what's crazy? This already happened for people in Europe.

Stan: This is a terrible idea.
Hayley: Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!
[Stan drinks his alcohol, then Hayley]
Stan: [drunk] This was-this was a great idea!
Hayley: [drunk] I know, right?

[Stan and Hayley are at a restaurant eating breakfast]
Hayley: [drunk] How good are these?
Stan: [drunk] So good. Oh my G...I friend went to Vegas once and he said that he's says...he found a place with like that had the best pancakes.

[Klaus gives Hayley advice on being a bartender]
Roger: Anyways, people are going to share a lot of things with you. And the better listener you are, the better tips you'll get. Except for Carlos. He's going to offer you a tip. You don't want that tip. That tip is connected to his body.

Bullock: We are not to be disturbed... unless you see something funny on YouTube.

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