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  • In the original Comic-Con trailer, during the scene before Hayley jumps into Roger's car, she says "I'm showing Dad I can take care of myself", but in the broadcast episode, she says "I'm showing Dad I'm responsible". The vomit also emits a different sound and is green in the trailer instead of brown in the final episode. [1]
  • Stan is listed as 6' tall with black hair, brown eyes, weighing 195lbs and has a long list of acting experience on his resume, including several performances at Langley Community College. His special skills are listed as a Jamaican accent, moonwalking and stage magic.
  • Klaus considers Das Boot the greatest German movie of all time, excluding the Hindenberg footage.[2]
  • Klaus performs the running gag from Family Guy by expressing surprise as "whaaat?" when discovering that Snot and Steve are not familiar with a German tale.
  • Stan says that Hayley as an alcoholic will be nothing but either a stripper, a crack whore or a stay-at-home mom. Hayley was previously a stripper in "Stan Knows Best".
  • Bullock claims that the first time he wore a pocket square was at Buzz Aldrin's bachelor party.
  • Stan moonwalks out of the bedroom to "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson.
  • "Mustache Man (Wasted)" by Cake plays during the montage of Bullock's circles.
  • Stan and Hayley are revealed to be actors named Nicholas Vanderbilt and Kate Fagan.
  • Jonathan Goldsmith, also known as "The Most Interesting Man in the World" appears in the rehab. He is an advertising campaign for the Dos Equis brand of beer, that has become an internet meme.[3] This episode originally aired on the same night as the Family Guy episode "The Most Interesting Man in the World".
  • The titles of movies in the video store are Bigger Lebowski (The Big Lebowski), Low Window (Rear Window), Maltese Beagle (The Maltese Falcon), Casting Away (Cast Away), Star Excursion (Star Trek), Injustice (Inception), Tweenlight (Twilight), and Skyhard (Skyfall).
  • Stan knows that Hayley crashed a car without being told.

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