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Shawarma Hut is a food stand that Jeff Fischer is forced to work at as a slave in a giant space shopping mall for Emperor Zing in "Lost in Space".

As a compulsive shopper, Emperor Zing recreates a store or kiosk from each planet they visit and he selected a shawarma stand as Earth's greatest contribution. Jeff finds he is working with Sinbad as the Emperor stops by on a shopping trip, telling them not to hold back on the tahini sauce and to go easy on the drink ice. Jeff insists he needs to get back to his love Hayley, but Emperor Zing brushes it aside by giving Jeff a shock and declares there is no such thing as love.

The Hut is ransacked during a revolt of the slaves and others of Roger's race after they find out that the Emperor lied to them as to the non-existence of love after he had his heart broken when Roger cheated on him.