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Senator Buckingham is a third-term United States Senator who is in charge of assigning CIA task force positions. When Stan Smith becomes frustrated when his years of service go unnoticed by Senator Buckingham in "School Lies", he decides to try to become a golf buddy as well. Unfortunately, Francine insists on sending Steve to a private school when Pearl Bailey High School is closed for asbestos removal.

Stan is disappointed until he discovers that the Senator's daughter Cookie is a student at the same private school. Stan tries to make Steve attend the new school but he refuses so Stan is forced to disguise Roger as Steve. Stan is able to get his golf invitation with the Senator and is about to ask for a task force position when he learns that Roger sold the Senator's daughter to pay for a drug binge they went on together. Stan manages to locate and save the Senator's daughter, but over dinner, Cookie passes out in her food.

Just as Stan is about to ask for a task force position, Francine calls to report Steve had been arrested for armed robbery. When the Senator points out that his career is more important to him than family and ignores his daughter's plight, Stan decides to use his favor to ask the Senator to have his son bailed out.

Senator Buckingham was originally voiced by Burt Reynolds.

In "Stompe le Monde", the Smith's scam the senator and his golf partners to buy tickets to their play Stomp.