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[After Steve meets a dog]
Steve: Sandy!
Chris the Bum: His name is Ronald! You trying to rename my dog?! This guy's trying to rename my dog!

Roger: [to Stan] Hey, hey, should I come out of the closet and then make a big stink when they won't let me take my 50-year-old boyfriend to the prom?

Stan: You sold the senator's daughter?! How did this happen?!
Roger: Ugh, I've told this story so many times today. You should just ask my hairdresser.

[Steve and Hayley are watching TV in the living room as Francine comes in]
Steve: Hi, Mom.
Francine: I'm not supposed to talk to you.
Steve: Oh? Why's that?
Francine: Because your dad is gonna talk to you when he gets home.
Steve: [alarmed] Oh? Why's that?
Francine: School called.
[Steve gasps. Stan kicks the front door open.]
Stan: You!
[Steve yells and tries to run upstairs, but falls down next to the sofa, trips over the lamp, and falls twice on the stairs as Stan, Francine, and Hayley watch. After Steve finally gets upstairs, Stan starts laughing.]
Francine: Stan!
Stan: I know. I'll talk to him. It's just, it's just, he's so bad at moving his body.

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