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  • Hayley and Jeff temporarily switch bodies for 'couples therapy', thanks to Dr. Weitzman.
  • Callbacks in the episode to previous events include:
  • The portrait that Jackson starts to paint for Bullock can be seen hanging on the wall when Stan returns to the meeting room after picking up the doll.
  • Stiles mistakes Rogu for Steve.
  • In Stan's flashback, he plays with a doll that is strongly based on Raggedy Ann.
  • 'Horse Renoir' tries to deduct a full penis tattoo of Dale Earnhardt, but says it looks like Milhouse from The Simpsons.
  • Stan thinks his blonde hair disguise makes him look like Barry Manilow.
  • After intending to go into hiding for several years with Piper, Stan mentions he will return later for Rogu and Francine.
  • Bullock's ice cream truck reads: "мороженое; не жди ничего хорошего; товарищеское" which translates as "Ice cream. Don't expect anything good. Comradely"[1]
  • Snot, Barry, Toshi and Steve are the sole surviving members of Boyz 12.

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