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"Rubbernecking" is sung by McGee, Jackson, Dick and Sanders when they try to explain to Stan about how to check out girls without getting caught by Francine in "Rubberneckers".


Dick: Rubbernecking is the art of checking out women on the sly.

Jackson: And if you do it right, you'll never get caught.

McGee: Well, my name's McGee and soon you'll see

If you want to rubberneck just listen to me

'Cause a peek don't hurt

If you want to scout skirt, you have to be covert

Listen up you squirt

Jackson: Well, my name is Jackson, my techniques the purest

When I want to scout girls I pretend I'm a tourist

You look around like you're super lost

Hold up a map now you're peeking like a boss

Stan: Yeah, I guess when I'm lost I do look everywhere.

Sanders: My name is Sanders and I don't lie

The best way to peek

Say there's something in your eye

Stan: Wow, smooth.

Dick: Well, my name is "tiny" Dick and I have a little trick

To look at a lady so she don't think I'm shady

I pretend that I'm dead and I lie on a gurney

When the nurses come up I do the "Weekend and Bernie's"

Jackson: Never forget women like to judge

Go on, give that cattiness a nudge

Dick: So tell your woman that you hate a girl

And you can stare while all the hate unfurls

Stan: Ugh, hey Francine, look at that terrible outfit.

Francine: Yeah, she looks like a hooker...hooker...hooker...hooker...

Sanders: When you want to take a look, hold up a book

Jackson: A newspaper will do to look at some boobs

McGee: I think you're ready to join the crew

Everyone: Because you're rubbernecking with the best

Rubbernecking with the best

Because you're rubbernecking with the best

Rubbernecking with the best