• As a promotional event, Scott Grimes and Dee Bradley Baker responded to questions and comments on Twitter during the broadcasts on both the East and West coast.
  • This is the third episode with original songs written by Asa Taccone, after "Hot Water" and "Minstrel Krampus".
  • In "Finger Lenting Good", there was a skit where a family was killed by rubbernecking. A stamp came over the screen that said "Don't Rubberneck" and a voice that said American Dad! cares!
  • Hayley's only dialog comes during the song "I Wanna Be Seen".
  • Heinrich Brown relates a story to Stan's friends at the CIA of Verne Troyer in a sidecar accident. Verne is best known for being a stunt performer and for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films.
  • Jackson appears at the trial with the transvestite from "Stan's Night Out" and "The Unbrave One".
  • During the song "I Wanna Be Seen", Steve mentions that if Francine wasn't his mother, he would have sex with her, however in "Poltergasm", he is disgusted by the idea of having sex with his mother.
  • Roger says he stole the bottle of wine when he worked at the post office. He delivered the family mail in full disguise in "Delorean Story-an".
  • Stan sends his SUV to George's Body Shop, which was where Steve previously tried to have a military drone repaired in "Home Adrone".

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