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Rubber is a nightclub where Hayley discovers that Avery Bullock is posing as "DJ Buttercup" in "Standard Deviation".

After being dressed down by Stan for her poor planning, as well as being depressed after tagging along on a CIA mission that goes horribly wrong, Hayley hangs out curbside at Rubber until she is convinced to go inside and check out the DJ battle. There, she finds Bullock performing as the winning DJ for several weeks straight, which has affected his judgement of CIA planning. Stan confronts him about a suicide mission that is planned, although he refuses to give it up and insists that they only way he will step down is to be defeated in a DJ battle.

Woefully unprepared to take him on, Hayley tries to help by giving Stan some of Jeff's psychedelic tea and he later goes on to win the battle with music he ripped to a flash drive from YouTube. However, he is kidnapped by Russian weapons smugglers who mistake him for Bullock. After and extended fantasy, Stan is informed that he is still under the effects of the drugs and that the battle has yet to begin.

On the way to the club, they smash into Bullock's car, stopping them both cold until Stan decides to follow Hayley's advice of "go with the flow" and proceeds to shove Bullock's car down the road, on the idea that if he can't get to the match, he can't win. However, Stan's SUV breaks down right in front of the club, and after Bullock tokes up, he heads inside, but is distracted by the arrival of Jeff and the rest of the family. As he lies down and plays a musical instrument that he fashioned after one of his drug-induced hallucinations, Bullock stops and lies down, falling asleep beside him.