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  • In the beginning of the episode, Stan and Steve dance to the movements from Michael Jackson's "Thriller".
  • Roger's incentive for taking revenge on Stan is that Stan failed to bring grenadine from the grocery store in order to mix it with Coca-Cola, thus creating a Roy Rogers.
  • Hayley takes off her coat to flash a protest symbol but it turns out to be the Ghostbusters 2 logo, a mistake she blames on smoking salvia at the bodypainting parlor.
  • During the car chase between McFreely (Roger) and Stan, Greg, and Terry, "Cilantro" is played by Dan Navarro of Lowen & Navarro on Roger's radio.
  • The two girls whose tea party is interrupted by Roger's getaway had their party interrupted previously by Barry and Stan playing Red Dawn in "With Friends Like Steve's".

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