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Ron is the DJ at "Mentally Deficient Young Women", the strip club where Hayley gets a job in "Stan Knows Best". Ron sets up a musical number for Hayley to strip but during her act, her wig falls down revealing her completely bald head, which grosses out all the men present.

He also appears as the DJ at Etan Cohen's Bar Mitzvah in "Bar Mitzvah Hustle" and operates a baseball throwing game at the Langley County Fair in "Every Which Way But Lose".

Ron is seen sitting with the students at Pearl Bailey High School during the presentation on alcohol in "Daddy Queerest". He also appears as a sound engineer for a news crew covering Barack Obama's dedication of the community pool in "An Incident at Owl Creek".

He can also be seen in the stands at the soccer game in "Adventures in Hayleysitting" and is a student at Pearl Bailey High School in "Mean Francine".