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Rogu is a homunculus that formed from Roger's tumor in "Persona Assistant".

Irritated with Stan's complaints that his personas are pointless, he takes a trip to a hot spring and leaves Stan in charge to prove that his personas actually matter. Finding things in chaos on his return, he is shocked to discover that Stan went out dressed as Ricky Spanish on the advice of Klaus in order to straighten things out. As Ricky, Stan goes completely power mad and takes over the entire town, forcing Roger to bring out the only persona powerful enough to meet him planner Jeannie Gold who is also Ricky's sister. As they clash, Roger is still almost defeated by Stan until Rogu, also dressed as Ricky Spanish slices Stan's throat. However, this is just the inner lining of the Roger suit, which Roger quickly peels off of Stan, returning his personality to normal. During another happy hour, Roger pledges to spend more time with Stan, and in order to facilitate that, his species had developed homunculi like Rogu as stand-in doubles as Rogu is shown quarterbacking a football team.

Rogu attends Tuttle's eclipse party in "Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted" and helps Roger with Steve's arm in "Shark?!".

Roger seeks out Hayley's room in "Pride Before the Fail" because he rented out his attic to Rogu's Ska band, which he notes plays poorly.

In "The Hand that Rocks the Rogu", when Steve seeks a way to prove to Francine that he can handle a babysitting job, Roger decides to take his prostitute persona out of the house and allow Steve to babysit, but failure to follow instructions cause him to grow to giant proportions. After being returned to normal, he is captured by the CIA's exotic foods club and is eaten, but when Steve finds he is still alive, he manages to get him to reunite all of his pieces.

As 'Rogutilda', Rogu aids Roger's assassin persona in capturing the Smith family in "Roger Needs Dick".

When Klaus gets annoyed with Rogu stealing all of the attention in "Klaus and Rogu in "Thank God for Loose Rocks": An American Dad! Adventure", he frames him for the disappearance of Tequila Joe. However, they are both sent into the woods to locate him. When Rogu falls down a mineshaft, Klaus leaves him to die. Klaus returns to the ranch and spins a tale of Rogu drowning, but admits to Roger later what exactly did happen. He reports that Rogu is probably already free and on his way for revenge. Indeed, Rogu arrives and starts shooting anyone in the open in the crotch before riding in on Tequila Joe with an offer to allow everyone to go free if they surrender Klaus. When they refuse, as Klaus is part of the family, Rogu rides away, but declares there will be no survivors when he returns that night. Klaus meets him in the woods to surrender himself, and admits he was wrong about Rogu, declaring him to be part of the family as well. The latter accepts the apology, but is still determined to kill Klaus for abandoning him but is attacked by a second mountain lion. This time, Rogu is saved by Klaus, who uses his rope skills to tie it up. Rogu still pulls a gun on Klaus, but allows him to live as he jokes that he can't shoot him in the dick because it's too small.

When Francine travels to the past in "Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & Radika", she informs past Stan of previous events, including Rogu. Past Stan is a little confused on his origin as Roger's offspring, but Francine notes that he does breast feed him.

Rogu is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


  • In "The Hand that Rocks the Rogu", Roger slightly retcons Rogu's origin to his son as opposed to his tumor, which he dismisses as rumor.
  • In the same episode, he instructs Steve not to give him candy, which causes him to multiply into other Rogu. Watching videos causes him to bond those Rogus into a giant version of himself and is only pacified by rocking him to sleep. Eating a can of oysters causes him to mutate into a giant demon-like being that flies away.