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  • This episodes features the famous Wilhelm Scream after Agent Duper throws a hand-grenade.
  • While searching through Area 51, Stan says "I'll check out this lab, where the Theremin music is coming from." The Theremin is an electromusical instrument with a readily eerie swooping sound often exploited in pulp mystery and science fiction films.
  • The 80's television drama, Dynasty, was portrayed with Alexis, and Krystal slapping and insulting each other repeatedly yelling "Bitch!"... "Bitch!"..."Bitch!"..."Bitch!". He watches another episode, where Krystal and Alexis repeatedly slap each other, saying "Slut!"..."Slut!"..."Slut!"..."Slut!"
  • Roger takes in an exhibition of the television show Dynasty at the Smithsonian. Roger runs though elements of National Museum of Natural History and National Air and Space Museum which are housed in separate buildings. In the case of The Air and Space Museum, separated by several blocks.
From the episode's DVD commentary:
  • According to Mike Barker, in the second and third Dynasty references, they were to repeatedly say "bitch", but was changed to "slut" the second time and alternated the third time because the FCC has a certain number of times "bitch" can be said on air.
  • At least three jokes were written by other staff members. The opening joke "I just made a killing in the shock market" was written by Steve Hely. The "Kitty can scratch" joke was written by Nahnatchka Khan. And finally, the "Alternate Timeline" joke was written by David Hemingson.

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