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Rogers Place

Roger's Place is the bar Roger opens in the Smith's attic when he is encouraged to make something of himself by Hayley in "A Smith In The Hand". When Hayley visits, Roger confiscates her fake ID. Klaus is a regular customer and even Francine drops by.

Roger's Place has become a recurring place for the Smith family to go to drown their sorrows and often a meeting place for confrontation. In Jack's Back, Roger's place is a set for a 'battle of personas' between Hayley and Roger.

Rogers Place 2

Roger's bar is the beginning of George W. Bush's relapse into his alcoholism as Rogers pours him several alcoholic drinks when attempting to get him water when choking on a hot pocket in "Bush Comes to Dinner".

Roger and Klaus often use Roger's place as a place for planning their schemes. Some of these schemes planned in Roger's Place include when Roger disguises himself as a woman in "Stanny Slickers 2: The Legend of Ollie's Gold" and attempts to provoke harassment, but fails. Frustrated, he creates a second personality and harasses himself to successfully win $90,000 to Klaus's chagrin.

In "Live and Let Fry" Klaus learns that his great-aunt has died and he will collect an inheritance. He has Roger pose as him, mimicking his mannerisms and memorizing his life stories. However, when Roger goes to collect the inheritance, he is beaten mercilessly by gangsters. Klaus later reveals that he had a huge gambling addiction and owed a fortune to the East German mafia.


In "Jack's Back", Hayley is looking for an employer to host her internship for college. Roger's bar turns out to be a good place to work at, but Roger soon begins making it hard for Hayley, dressing as the owner of the bar and treating Hayley badly, as well as refusing to sign Hayley's form for the internship. When Klaus advises her to play along in order to get his signature, Hayley invents the character of Constance Mathers, a government worker pressing charges against Roger for his negligence of Hayley's work-related demands and his refusal to sign Hayley's internship attestation.

Roger gets back at Hayley by dressing as a member of the Armenian mafia who killed Constance after being hired as a mercenary by Roger himself. Hayley then dresses as the matriarch of the Armenian mafia to get back at him once again. A set of parody dress-outs follows, eventually ending with Roger dressing as Hayley who in turn dresses as Roger, then tricks Roger into signing the attestation as "Roger Smith" as an attempt to forge his own signature, which successfully achieves her plan.

Another complex scheme that appears in American Dad is in the episode "Bar Mitzvah Hustle". This plan is, again, created in Roger's Place. Roger and Steve create the elaborate rouse to ruin Etan Cohen's Bar Mitzvah.

Roger turns the bar into a Country & Western roadhouse in "Gorillas in the Mist".

When Francine gets annoyed with Stan mooning over his CIA boot camp crush Scarlett Reynolds in "The Scarlett Getter", she heads to Roger's Place for a drink. When Francine finds out that Roger is also irritated with Stan due to Scarlett, she suggests he put on a charming persona and break up the couple.

Stan tries to shoot Barry from Roger's Place to protect his wrestling record in "The Wrestler", only to have a tree get in the way. When Roger slides down a zip line and moves the tree with his legs, Stan gets the idea to have Roger wrestle and beat Barry.

Roger throws a Mardi Gras bash at Roger's Place in "Finger Lenting Good".

When Stan insists Hayley get a job to help with expenses in "She Swill Survive", she goes to work at Roger's Place over Francine's reservations. Stan supports her career choice, but has mixed feelings when Avery Bullock starts drinking there and encourages Hayley to get drunk as well, forcing him to choose between his daughter's health and advancing his career.

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Following a stress-induced heart attack, Roger sells the bar to Toby in "Roger Passes the Bar" who changes the concept to a "family friendly" dive bar called "Roger's Spot", chasing out Roger's original customers in the process. Roger sets out to buy the bar back, but is instead talked into becoming the spokesman for the newly-launched chain. Bumping into one of his regulars, Mick, who has been able to clean up his life after being forced out of the bar, Roger realizes he has lost who he really was and sabotages the new bar's reputation, regaining control of it.

In "Comb Over: A Hair Piece", Roger is shown to have ditched his traditional bartender garb for his pre-'Roger's Spot' wear of a vest. The bar is also shown to have a fireman's pole.