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Roger: Damn, I look good. Tilda Swinton good.

Roger: You really think I can change?
Steve: Bitch, what did I just say?

Steve: I'm going to hit the jukebox, see if they have any Keith Sweat up in this piece.

Stan: Ugh, this guy!
Francine: I forgot how much he SUCKED!

Werner Herzog: Like two beautiful creatures trapped in a prison of another's design, like a madman lost in a supermarket. One freed, the other dies in a glass tomb which used to contain farts. Perhaps it is fitting, for what was the butterfly other than a symbol of the boys innocence that perished days before. Killed by the very soul he tried to save.

Klaus: Ha ha ha, I made it into the episode. Pay me, bitches!
Hayley: Ha ha, me too!

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