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  • Klaus and Hayley make a cameo in third act and break the fourth wall saying that they made it into the episode.
  • This episode is a lot like the premise for the show My name is Earl.
  • A key part of Ricky's outfit is a t-shirt from the Albuquerque Zoo Discovery Center.
  • The song when Roger and Steve skip is "Happy Together" by The Turtles.
  • The song that Steve plays on the jukebox at Burger Joint is "My Body" by LSG
  • The American Dad! staff called Ricky Spanish their favorite Roger persona. [1]
  • When Daniel punches Ricky Spanish / Roger in the mouth and throws him against the car windshield, he bleeds red despite Roger's blood being identified as purple in color in previous episodes such as "One Little Word" and in "There Will Be Bad Blood".

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