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Reynolds Jaspertarian

Reynolds Jaspertarian is a famous artist whose works are displayed in the Langley Falls Museum of Art in "Portrait of Francine's Genitals".

After the works are purchased by the museum, Francine Smith informs the family that he painted her portrait. The family visits the museum, to find that said portrait is of her genitalia, to Stan's horror. He tries to steal the artwork with the aid of Roger, but their plan comes up short. Francine also considers a request for the work to be removed, but in the end, they leave it in place to be admired.

Of the biographical information provided on Jaspertaian, it is said that he spurred the party scene, but still died of party-related diseases in the arms of his wife that he often humiliated.

After having a fight with Francine over the work, Stan goes to see Jaspertarian's widow who at first reassures him by noting that Reynolds was blind, but her comments that he painted by a very through touch don't sit well, either. She assures him by pointing out that once it was complete, it wasn't Francine's vagina anymore, but art. She goes on to point out that the artistic coffee mug Stan drinks from was once a plaster cast of her butthole.

Gary Gogo mentions that Mrs. Jaspertarian has offered her New Mexico home to Francine to help her create a new art piece in "Productive Panic".

Mrs. Jaspertarian is voiced by Susan Sarandon.