Respnszable Records

Responzible Recordz is a hole-in-the-wall office under a freeway overpass run by Snot's uncle Lew Schneider in "Can I Be Frank (With You)". After hearing Steve and his friends sing at Pizza Overlord, Lou invites them to his office to make a music video but they arrive to find members of two other boy bands there where Lew plans of forming a boy band supergroup, Boyz 12. But after spending a fortune for costumes and set pieces for their video "Girl You Need A Shot (Of B12 (Boyz 12))", Lew finds out from a janitor friend at Arista Records that they just signed an even larger group, "Boyz 13" and he shoots himself.

When Roger's plan to have Stelio Kontos beat up Steve before Luis Ramirez can in "The Full Cognitive Redaction of Avery Bullock by the Coward Stan Smith", Luis actually rejects beating up Steve, he tries to turn him against Stelio, but when he meet him he fawns over the "legendary" Stelio and they record a new version of the "Stelio" theme song at Responzible Recordz with an additional singer adding "...and Luis."

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