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Reginald as a koala

Reginald's human form

Reginald was a homeless man the CIA tricked into participating in one of their mind-swapping experiments, swapping his brain with that of a koala much like Klaus was switched to a goldfish. Reginald now works for the CIA, relying on his cuteness to infiltrate various agencies. Like Klaus, he also has a bit of a libidinous streak.

Reginald first appears in "Family Affair". In "Wife Insurance", he gives Stan relationship advice. He is also seen at Stan and Francine's wedding vow renewals in "Shallow Vows".

He appeared in "The Return of the Bling" where he attempted to befriend Hayley and succeeded, he also admitted to having a girlfriend named Rhonda, though they have since broken up.

In "Bully for Steve", Reginald and Hayley go to a carnival where she sees her ex Jeff, then later tells Reginald that she still has feelings for him. He explains that he loves her, and always has. He sings to her then makes fireworks noises and hand motions.

In "100 A.D.", Deputy Director Bullock uses Reggie as his personal chauffeur. When Bullock starts reminiscing to Reggie about sex with Hayley from "Bullocks To Stan", Reggie pulls the car over and forces Bullock to fight him. When Bullock continues to talk dirty about Hayley, Reggie takes his cellphone to call Bullock's mother.

In "Gorillas in the Mist", Reggie invites Stan, Dick and Jackson on his houseboat to look for women on passing boats. When Stan is forced to bring Steve along, he wins over the guys by telling a dirty joke although Reggie's boat crashes and sinks another boat and Reggie is eventually arrested.

Reginald appears during "He's Got a Kink" mixed in with other furry creatures in "The Missing Kink".

In "Family Affair" and "Wife Insurance", Reginald was voiced by Donald Fullilove. Show writer Erik Durbin took over the role beginning with "The Return of the Bling".

Reginald's memories are stored within the CIA hologramdeck in "I Ain’t No Holodeck Boy". An icon of his image appears on the control panel to select an agent's memories.

Reginald appears on a list of people Bullock doesn't like in "She Swill Survive".

A stuffed koala resembling Reginald is seen at the CIA sale in "Father's Daze". However, "Bahama Mama" hints at his return.

He was to be a panelist for the Mayoral election in "Railroaded" before the segment is cut short.

In "Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & Radika", Francine travels to the past and tells Stan of what his future will involve. She mentions Reginald, but admits no one is really sure what happened to him.