Stan's new neighbor

Red October Sky
Stan's old nemesis becomes his neighbor.

Season: 3 Episode: 13
Total Episode Count: 55
Prod. no.: 3AJN11
First Aired: April 27, 2008

Featuring: Sergei Kruglov, Steve, Stan
Also Appearing: Klaus, Roger, Hayley, Francine, Barry, Toshi, Snot, Avery Bullock, Mr. Hallworthy, Danny, Susie, Principal Lewis, Ponzo, Captain Ace Brogdale, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Mao Tse-tung, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Che Guevara
Director: Caleb Meurer

Assistant Director: Mike Mayfield
Writers: Steve Hely
Storyboarders: Josue Cervantes, Steve Fonti

Newspaper Headline: Friend's T-Shirt Idea Deemed "Genius!" By Friend

3ajn11 096

When Steve tries to build a model rocket for an altitude contest, Stan is too busy to help. Ironically, when Sergei Kruglov, a former Russian KGB agent whom Stan had once pursued, moves in next door, Stan asks him to help his son with the rocket. Sergei agrees, saying that he has given up communism in favor of capitalism. Stan then focuses on work but becomes concerned when he hears Steve say "proletariat," which he says is a communist word. He confronts Sergei, who explains that after communism fell, his wife left him and his son embraced capitalism. Because capitalism stole his son, Sergei says, he will get his revenge by making Steve a communist.

Stan first denies that Steve will turn to communism, but when he sees communist propaganda in Steve's bedroom, he destroys the propaganda and smashes the rocket, causing his son to run away to Sergei's house. He then kidnaps Steve and goes on a shopping spree, buying rocket parts and hiring a tech crew. Sergei meanwhile teams up with Barry to build his rocket.

Ponzo 2

Meanwhile, Klaus tries to kill himself because nobody remembered his birthday. Roger is able to save him and they decide to head to Europe for a little R&R, where they experience the continent's greatest wonders, especially the women.

At the contest, only Steve's, Toshi's and Barry's rockets launch successfully. Steve's rocket malfunctions, destroying itself and Toshi's rocket. Barry's rocket, now the only one left, parachutes back to earth, automatically making Sergei and Barry the winners. Stan is disappointed, but Steve isn't concerned since he just wanted to spend time with his dad, which was the decisive battle Sergei was waging all along. When Francine tells Stan she wishes he hadn't spent all their savings, he says he needed to spend money to make money. Francine then says that Stan didn't make any money, which Stan says implies that he didn't spend any money either.

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