Stan becomes the mayor.

Season: 13 Episode: 10
Total Episode Count: 244
Prod. no.: CAJN10
First Aired: April 16, 2018

Featuring: Stan Smith, Roger
Also Appearing: Francine, Steve, Hayley, Klaus, Jeff, Mayor Woodside, Memphis Stormfront, Greg Corbin, Barry, Snot, Toshi, Principal Lewis, Sky Crooner, Marcus, Tuttle, Mrs. Lonstein, Delroy, Vince Chung, Gina & Chad, Courtney, Parker, Hooper, Trish, Detective Turlington, Joe Chandler, Tom, Trey, Billy, Devin, Krampus, Brenda, Debbie Hyman, Reginald Koala, Power Team, Scoot, LaMont, Jiminy Cricket, James A. Garfield, James Hetfield, David Axelrod
Director: Tim Parsons, Jennifer Graves

Writers: Zack Rosenblatt
Storyboarders: Jamie Iglehart, Frank Jen

Roger's Disguise: Steve Smith from "Introducing the Naughty Stewardesses"


When Stan and Roger are caught in traffic on the way to a Bazooka Sharks game, Stan begins to think that it might be nice to have a bullet train to run directly to the stadium from town. But when he pitches the idea to Mayor Woodside, he is laughed out of the office due to the impracticability of such a project. While soothing his feelings at a diner, others support the idea and Stan is encouraged to run for Mayor.


Roger puts together a team and they successfully get Stan elected, but when he turns over control of the city to Roger due to not actually knowing what he is doing, he has all dissenters imprisoned in the Shark's Nest. When Stan finds out that he's been used by Roger to gain an Urban Outfitters store in town with the train as a lure, he too is imprisoned by Roger's goons. After confronting those who have become Roger's victims, Stan runs the train out of the stadium and over the Urban Outfitters executives that Roger was wooing. During the attempt to restore power to a seasoned politician, Stan finds out that Mayor Woodside was killed in prison, so he turns over the office to former President Garfield.

Meanwhile, when her cooking goes unappreciated except by a rat, Francine befriends the little guy and soon trains others to do her bidding, becoming coats, a bikini and an Eiffel Tower on command.

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