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Qui-Lo is Roger's assistant mechanic and co-pilot for his spaceship in "Rapture's Delight" when they try to escape Earth.

Qui-lo appears again in "Stan's Food Restaurant" as a Laotian master chef that Roger hires to run Stan's new restaurant before Roger takes over the operation. When Stan opens a competing restaurant next door, he hires Qui-Lo away from Roger.

In both appearances, he and Roger are shown bickering, to which Stan will say: "Lovers quarrel?"

in "The Unbrave One", Roger and Qui-Lo bicker while trying to fit Steve into a super hero suit to help him prove his bravery, Steve think one dislikes the idea of a cape but Roger claims they both like capes, they're just arguing over who loves them more.

Qui-Lo is voiced by Asian actor Don Tai.