Puddin is an elf that had been banned from the North Pole.

When Steve runs away from the family's preparations to go into hiding for Christmas in "Ninety North, Zero West", he takes a ride on the holiday train at Chimdale Traintown, but he and all of the other Children vanish and the parents are drugged with tainted candy canes in order to forget their children. As the Smiths worry about how to find Steve a figure emerges from the Christmas trees and offers to help, although Roger initially believes that he was his hook-up from a sexual encounter. The figure informs them that Santa Claus had kidnapped the children to work in a mine at the North Pole, and reveals himself to be an elf that had been banned for causing trouble, having been stretched taller and having his pointed ears clipped by Santa as well.

Believing they can use his Christmas magic in order to pursue the missing children, they follow in a second train, but smash into a mountain when a secret passageway that can only be opened by Christmas magic fails to open for Puddin, as his missing ear tips contained the magic. With one option left to find some Christmas magic to open the passageway, they travel to Baltimore where Jack Smith has given up on being Krampus and has become a bus driver, although he grudgingly agrees to help them. Driving his bus through the mountain, Puddin recovers from the train wreckage and tries to follow, but the passageway closes just as he tries to pass though and he smashes himself into the mountain again.

Puddin is voiced by Jim Rash.

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