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Psychotic Hot Tub is performed when the hot tub reveals its evil nature to Stan after it swallows Francine and Stan refuses to let her be killed in "Hot Water".



Hot Tub: You know what? You can be with your wife again. Because you'll both be dead!

Stan: Ahh! Ahh!

Hot Tub: Once again, it is the hot tub

With a taste for blood and I don't need you Stan

Don't want to be my wingman, fine

I'll just carry out my evil plan

I've got the house, got the phone, gonna call

Some freaks that I don't know too well.

Don't want to partake with me? You and your wife can both go to hell

I'm psychotic

Singers: Psychotic

Hot Tub: Hot tub

Singers: Hot tub

Hot Tub: I got it

Singers: I got it

Hot Tub: Locked up

Singers: Locked up

Hot Tub: Your mind and body

Singers: Mind and body

Hot Tub: And you soul

I'm in control

Don't get crazy. I'm a let them bubbles pop. What up.