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Principal Brian Lewis is the head principal at Pearl Bailey High School and father of Janet Lewis. In "An Apocalypse to Remember", he is seen sitting with a woman and younger child at the Chicken or Fish Banquet Hall. In "The Worst Stan", it was revealed that he was in prison where he acquired Tracey Bryant as his "prison wife" after beating up Tracy's then current "husband". Stan beats up Brian to acquire Tracey so that Brian's planned wedding to Ellen Riggs may proceed but the wedding is stopped by Stan and Ellen marries Tracey herself.

Questionable actions

Throughout the series, Lewis has done and said many very disturbing actions within his role as a principal.

  • In "Escape from Pearl Bailey", he creates a mob of students to chase Steve and his friends.
  • In "Bully for Steve", he's seen drinking beer during school hours and urinating at the basketball court.
  • In "You Debt Your Life", he is hinted at being a pedophile when he shows a fascination for young girls. In the same episode, he began to wish on how he stayed a drug runner which was heard by the whole school.
  • In "I Am the Walrus", he has a restraining order against him for sexually harassing an art teacher. In the same episode, he takes Jeff's drugs without finding out what it did.
  • In "License to Till", he assaults Steve with a coffee pot.
  • In "Home Wrecker", he knocks items out of the students' hands, sexually harasses female employees, takes students for illegal gambling, locks them in a car for hours, and even offers the kids up to be killed.
  • He finds a bookie who will bet on anything in "The Wrestler" including when a student will get her period and on preschoolers drawing with crayons. When one girl draws out of the lines, Lewis curses her in front of her parents.
  • In "100 A.D.", he claimed he couldn't return to his job because he took a dump on his desk before stripping into a beach thong.
  • In "The Hall Monitor and the Lunch Lady", he poisons school children via the cafeteria food so the school would buy his sawdust from his failing Christmas Tree business to clean up the vomit, as well as hires kids out of juvie as Hall Monitors to help him with it.
  • In "The Worst Stan", at a PTA party, he urinated on a cake, then stripped down naked.