• Hayley's classmates in her Advanced Theory class at Groff Community College include riffs on crew members Jose' Servantes (Josue Cervantes) and Pamela Val (Pam Cooke and Valerie Fletcher).
  • Roger seeks out Hayley's room because he rented out his attic to Rogu's Ska band.
  • Cheryl, the student advisor has a portrait of Linda Bloodworth-Thomason on her wall.
  • One of the posters in Hayley's classroom depicts a butterfly hatching from a bird's egg.
  • The party takes place in room 1316, a reference to the episode being writing season 13, episode 16. Some counts place this as broadcast season 14, 15 or even 16, as season numbering on American Dad! varies widely depending on the source.[1]
  • Klaus's mug says "Ray's Camshafts - good gaskets"
  • The partner of a suicide getting an automatic "A" is based on a long-standing urban legend.[2]

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