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Francine: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you kids. The portrait is of my box.
Steve: I can't unsee any of this, can I?

Stan: Genitals aren't something that should be shown to the world. They're not called "shownitals". The term "genitals" comes from the Aladdin word "genie", and like a genie they should only come out when they're rubbed.

Steve: No matter what I looked at, all I saw was that painting. I think I'm broken!
Hayley: It's no big deal, Steve. Mom's always flashing me that thing. "Does this look right to you?"

Roger: A solo job? Sounds like Steve before he got into helping people.

Principal Lewis: Steve, what's gotten into you? Your skin is clear, your voice sounds deeper.
Steve: Oh, it started happening once I stopped touching myself all the time.
Principal Lewis: Funny. I find the more I touch myself, the deeper my voice gets.

Steve: Let's just say I hope Lindsay's call was monitored and recorded, 'cause it was sexy as hell!
Klaus: Oh, Steve.
Steve: You sound just like Lindsay!

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