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Poorly Planned Parenthood is where Snot and Steve take a doll to get an abortion in "Stan's Food Restaurant".

Steve meets new girl Ashley who got kicked out of her previous school for having too much sex and she invites him over while her parents are out. She suddenly reconsiders, having planned on spending the day with her best friend Julia. Ashley considers again and asks Steve if he could bring a friend over for Julia and Steve agrees. When Steve and Snot arrive at Ashley's house, they find out Julia's a doll. When Ashley starts talking to the doll, Steve starts to protest until Ashley plants a big kiss on him. Snot is a lot more reluctant about the affair and threatens to leave until Steve reminds him he bought 11 chocolate bars for his school trip. Fed up when Steve asks him to take Julia out so that he and Ashley can make out, Snot tosses the doll onto a bed and goes to the bathroom. Ashley hears the noise and rushes in to find Julia's dress hiked up and Snot zipping his fly and accuses him of rape.

At school, a subdued Ashley tells Steve that Julia admitting being the aggressor with Snot but is now pregnant and wants to get an abortion. Snot reluctantly goes through the charade of taking Julia into an abortion clinic. When he exits, Steve wonders what he did while he was in there. He admits to giving his phone number to any girl that wasn't crying.