The Future is Borax

When Pizza Overlord owner Mick Weibscott announces a contest to replace the Pizza Overlord Jingle in "The Future is Borax", Roger, Hayley, Klaus and Steve each compose their own ideas into a pool to select the best one.

Original Jingle

At Pizza Overlord, We've making pizza for years and years

Hayley's entry

If your kid's soccer team has won a regional match, come here

To find an Arkanoid game that's been broken for years, come here

Roger compliments her on it, but notes that it doesn't say either the name of the restaurant or even pizza.

Steve and Klaus' entry

While Steve composed the melody, he stresses that Klaus wrote the lyrics.

33,000 e-mails, where did they all go?

Hillary makes me sick, time to lock her up fo' sho'

We are all the puppets and George Soros pulls the strings

Pizza Overlord, Pizza Overlord's the thing

Roger's entry

Family 'round the table, for this meal we're grateful

Pizza Overlord, it's good

After meeting with approval from the group, Roger's entry to go on to win the contest.

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