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  • The paper Stan is writing on appears and disappears when he's showing his Osama bin Laden pencil topper.
  • When Steve is having dinner with Hilary Duff, the door is to his right, but after Hilary runs off to her left, the scene then shows the table arrangement changed so that Steve is seated facing the door.
  • In the scene depicting George Bush, there's a Rubik's Cube on his desk, however there are two middle squares which are white, which would make the puzzle impossible to ever solve.
  • In the kitchen scene, Stan moves the needle on the terrorist threat level wheel on the fridge from yellow to orange. However, when he sits down to talk to Steve, it is back to yellow. Then, when Roger collapses the table, the wheel is again on orange.
  • When Steve is talking to Lisa, the bathroom door, along with the water fountain, is on the right of his locker but, when he says 'Score, Score Score' the door has vanished and is seen again when the boys leave the bathroom, it's to the left of his locker.
  • When Steve walks up to Lisa at her locker, there is no door, but out of nowhere one appears when she reaches up to close it.
  • When Roger questions how Stan is going to rig the school president election, the arrow on the colored threat meter is missing.
  • Stan and Francine are seen watching Dan Rather with a coffee table in front of them, but when Steve comes home the table has vanished.
  • The metal detector Hayley walks through has vanished seconds later when Stan exits the house to throw out her gum. An extra stair step appears in the same scene.
  • When Klaus is speaking to Francine there is a fish food container next to his bowl on the corner of the counter, but when the camera angle changes to behind his bowl, the fish food has vanished and reappears later.
  • Stan crashes through the window of the mall and has no injuries but in the car his face is bloodied & embedded with shards of glass.
  • The number of doughnuts shown in the kitchen table during the breakfast scene is inconsistent depending on the scene, going from five in the box to eight.

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