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Pilot (American Dad!)
Steve is upset about his lack of popularity, and notices that girls seem attracted to guys with dogs, so he convinces Stan to get one.

Season: 1 Episode: 1
Total Episode Count: 1
Prod. no.: 1AJN01
First Aired: February 6, 2005

Guest Starring: Carmen Electra
Featuring: Stan Smith, Steve Smith
Also Appearing: Francine Smith, Hayley Smith, Klaus, Roger, Jackson, Marcus, Snot, Barry, Toshi, Lisa Silver, Jeff Fischer, Shelly Maxwell, Bobby, Dennis, Nathan, Todd, Tanya Johnson, Principal Lewis, Thor, Doris, Jack in the Box Man, God, George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, Hilary Duff
Musical Numbers: Good Morning USA #1

Director: Ron Hughart

Assistant Director: John Aoshima
Writers: Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman
Storyboarders: Bob Bowen, Joe Daniello, Colin Heck, Peter Shin, Brent Woods

Newspaper Headline: "Democratic Party Missing: Feared Dead"


In the pilot, Steve is upset about his lack of popularity. He notices that girls seem attracted to guys with dogs, so he asks his parents for one. Stan gets Steve a 19-year-old dog, because it was alive during the Reagan administration. One night, Roger, an alien who saved Stan's life in Area 51 and lives with the family, makes a noise and Stan goes downstairs, thinking it is an intruder. Stan shoots the intruder, only to find out that he just accidentally killed Steve's dog.

They bury the dog, and Stan tries to make up for it by rigging the school election and discrediting his opponent by showing an altered photo of her in bed with Jack in the Box Man so that Steve wins and becomes the school president. Once elected, Steve uses his attribution as student body president to impress the head cheerleader. He gets drunk with power, but believes that he is succeeding, until she dumps him when he first tries to kiss her. Steve goes crazy and holds the school hostage. Stan sneaks into the school and gets Steve to stop by revealing that he was unpopular in high school as well.

Roger pilot

Meanwhile, since Stan fears what the CIA would do if the alien were ever discovered, Roger is forced to live in confinement at the Smith's. Roger is also addicted to sugar, and Francine puts him on a forced diet when his weight causes him to break a chair and the dinner table. In order to get around Francine's strict control of candies in the house, Roger strikes a deal with Hayley to do her homework in exchange for her smuggling sweets to him. It works at first, but on the night before the deadline for one of Hayley's papers on Henry Kissinger, Roger has too much sugar and passes out without doing the work. He and Hayley are able to come up with an excuse to make her teacher give her an extension on the paper's deadline. After this scare, however, Hayley decides to discontinue her agreement with Roger. Roger, noticing Steve's frustration in getting a girl, becomes his adviser for dating, in exchange for "boatloads" of candy. Roger also reveals that every seven hours an ooze shoots out of his body, "like clockwork".

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